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What is the rTMS Intensive Program?


At TMS Center Europe we offer the possibility to undergo a full rTMS treatment within a short timeframe. During a period of two or more weeks the patient can receive one or two treatments daily. It is also possible to schedule a less intensive treatment, by extending the period up to six weeks.


Your stay in London / Rotterdam

You’ll be staying in Hampton during the rTMS Intensive Program

rTMS International accommodates patients from outside the UK with a comfortable stay in the local area. It is possible to travel to Gatwick or Heathrow by plane or by train to London and then out to Hampton.

For an additional fee, airport pickups are also possible. Reservations at a hotel or bed or breakfast are made at your own expense and risk. Please contact us for more information.


Proceding the treatment after 10 sessions

After a week (10 sessions) we evaluate whether the treatment is effective or not. When it turns out successful we continue, if not, we treat with another protocol.